Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Prayer....for..24 hours STRAIGHT??!!!!!??!!!!!!!???????

Tonight at midnight begins my 24 hour prayer session thingy-do. I'm kind of nervous. I feel as though I'm going to really learn something about myself through this, and in all honesty it scares the crap out of me. Whenever God has revealed something about me to me its been life changing, or at least mind changing, which is very good to have done, but man the process can be painful sometimes.

I'm also looking forward to the space of our place being changed, not really much physically, but spiritually. Granted this is house or shall I say apartment... that belongs to God, but during this time we will not only still lift it to Him, but ask for His beautiful voice and breath to be upon it, inside it and all around it.

I'm not sure who all reads my blog, but if any of you out there want/neep some prayer, you can email me at: kiwijasmyn[at]yahoo[dot]com

Now I best get off here so I can enjoy the day with my older kidlings, better do it before my next job starts.

Monday, May 29, 2006

My handy Dandy Garage sale

Yeah, sometimes I even hate it when I get spontaneous. Yesterday I decided to have a garage sale today. I gathered up a ton of stuff and set it up outside. I made $15. Yeah not worth the trouble and energy, but we as a community are hoping to have another soon in a different location so at least I have everything picked out.

You know it truelly is amazing what you can live without....especially knickknacks and decorating items.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Shaving it up

The boys have mohawks.....it is awesome. They are so much cooler than I could ever be.

here's a title

I'm having a tense evening....I'm not totally sure why. The kids are running around doing their usual, but I just don't think this is the main source.

I feel as though I'm running towards something God is inspiring as well as pushing for, but I'm not clear as to what this is to become, or even be similar to. Many times I've wanted to just stop pursuing this "running" to just breathe. Unfortunately if I do that I really feel I would be jumping off of the course God really desires me to pursue. I just want to give God the deal of if He lets me know, then I'll continue....yeah..right. I wanted to cancel the 24 hour prayer session coming soon... but its mostly due to the fear of not being able to accomplish what it is He desires me to get from it. He is gracious and merciful, I know this. And because of this knowledge I will press on with the running. I need His courage and encouragement, as well as the faith to press on.

I also feel as though there's something I'm not doing, that I'm supposed to be doing. I am hopeful I will find this out and begin to fill this empty cup of mine by allowing Him to do so however He desires me to go about that....if that makes sense.

Here's to running off cliffs and flying helplessly into His arms. Thanks Justin for that picture.

Friday, May 26, 2006


I no longer work at Michael's. It is now official. I'm very happy, but also very sad. This was the first place I've liked almost everyone. But it wasn't meant to be for me and my physical/emotional capabilities/happiness.

I was offered an interview for an office job today. Working 8a-2p 30 minutes away answering phones and handling clients. I turned it down. Yeah it "looks" better than cleaning up people's homes, but I wasn't at peace with it. I wouldn't have the flexibility, or the close driving, or the options of making more money....or the flexibility, yeah I'm really won over with that one alone.

I just feel really great about the contractor job. It was very nice to be encouraged though by another interview.

Bang bang, rub rub, blame blame

Mikah, Kiara, and Asa were outside playing. Mikah was riding his bike while the other two chased him. It was working out really well until Asa got too close, so Mikah turned right over Kiara's feet causing her to trip and cut up her knee pretty bad. I finally got everyone back inside the apartment, and the whole time Kiara is screaming out all of her pain and fear. As I go get the clean-up-boo-boo-kit I hear Asa starting to cry with her. I though this was a cute way for him to show some kind of sympathy towards his older sis....I was wrong. He took off his shoes, and there was a big blister on the side of his foot where the shoe was rubbing. Ouch. So I had both of them screaming out their anguish and pains, then I turn to ask Mikah for help. HE's got his arms crossed and a very hurt facial expression and he's sniffling. "It's all my fault! I hurt everybody!"

Oh my goodness gracious......calm down mom, he's really beating himself up about this...calm down mom, these kids are hurt...calm down mom pretty bandaids cure everything.

I talk with Mikah as I do the bandaging of the kidlings. Everyone survived, and all is well. And the coolest thing of all other than no broken bones, is that I was able to keep my cool, instead of screaming like they were.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

In The Breakroom

I was chilling out in the breakroom with my friend where she turned on the t.v. to watch this Spanish version of Jerry Springer. On there was a prostitute who fell in love with her pimp. Wow, I can't even begin to understand the mindset of the situations these people find themselves in. It breaks my heart, human trafficking, prostitution, and the point of confusion where these woman believe its not only okay, but exciting as well. I don't curl my nose in disgust at these people, but I sure have a softened heart to pray for them all. Even the pimps, even though that in itself will be a trial, they still have a soft spot with God.

I'm so thankful I am able to pray for them.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My jobby-job

I now have a new jobby-job! Yeah buddy! I'm an independent contractor for Shannon's personal services. I will do house cleaning work, and all that jazzy-do. I'm really excited about this, because I make my own hours, and days which is awesome so I can plan to do my relationship building, and some family strengthening.

I'll get paid decent in the the beginning, but after awhile I get raises and bonuses, as well am able to accept tips. What's really cool about this job is that it's a definite God-given job. It really has His signature written all over it. First of all I would have never applied to this kind of job, not because of pride, but mostly because of the bad representation of pay these hard workers get. Well I was looiking through the employment guide, and as I scanned over it, something struck my curiosity about it. All it said was housekeepers needed, and then the number, but it really stuck out to me. Well I called and talked with the lady on the phone, who was pleasant and she asked if I could come in for an interview this morning. Wow....really? So I was curious, and I asked what I needed to bring, she said a liscense and a social security card. Really...wow they must need people bad, is what I was thinking.

I go in and I read a couple of pages about who they are, what they do, and all that, and I felt really impressed, and even more curious. So I sat down and talked with her some more, then she laid it all out for me, asked me if I was interested in doing the job, and I just felt extremely comfortable with saying yes.....so I did. Wow. I got a job. and I'm my own boss. Cool.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

my day of today

I went job hunting today.....I hate this process...with a passion. But good news on the horizon, I have a job interview for a house keeping position for places in my area. This is encouraging, so I thank God and press on.

I checked out 7 eleven....just because its super close. The manager there was giving me the process of how to get hired there, and man.....they have got a lllloooonnnnngggg process. It amazes me people actually go through it to work there.

I wrote a song today with my friend Andrew, it was very cool. I've never written a song with someone's music before, it was fun. Probably won't be famous, but it would be great for worship at church.

now i get to figure out some online applications. yay.

Monday, May 22, 2006

No A/C, No scents

This is just weird in so many different ways. When our air conditioner blows, its has a bad habit of blowing air scents from other apartments. There was once an apartment above us being painted and it scented our place for two weeks.....yuck. Between the scent of cigarettes and cat territorial scents, we now have a new scent....skunk.

What the....how the....why the.....?????

Yeah, this is getting ridiculous.


So Kiara typed her name in the internet and this is one of the things she found.

She IS character.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Something to say...beware

I keep finding myself in the paths of people who thrive on gaining information just for the gaining instead of the appreciation of what is actually being said, then trying it out. This Jesus guy.....complicated, right? His radical ideas of how to love people and how to reach people, then top that off with His explanation of His life, His communication with the Father, and why He was here and is here. If that wasn't mind boggling enough, then we might as well throw in about the in-betweenies of why it all had to happen that way.

I apologize for any misunderstandings for the above. What I want to say is simple, but complicated...just like the Big Jesus guy.

*Love each other, love each other openly like you are best friends, totally unconditionally through thick and thin, burnt and crispy. This is very simple and understanding to say and hear, but doing it is the hardest thing to ever accomplish. To expose ourselves like that to allow someone to love us is rough, but also to love someone that drives you crazy, you don't 'click' with, that you never met......wow, that's difficult. Will we succeed thoroughly, probably not, we aren't Jesus, but through Him we can learn how to if we ask and then trust that He will provide.

*Keep your understanding of Jesus in simple, plain language. Have that kind of explanation available....you'll never know who will need that, instead of the large theologian explanation. I never knew Jesus to speak to people in a way they couldn't understand them, this is one of the biggest reasons He spoke in parables a lot of the times. We drop our seeds everywhere, whether it be at church, here on our blogs/emails, in the grocery store, on our death bed. We are living our testimonies. Now that you have a simple explanation, ask God to use it....to use you.

*The last thing I need to say and really press on is limiting God. Wow....how in the heck can we do this??? He is the maker, controller, the creator...HE IS IT! How in the world is it possible for us to put limitations on HIM???

Do we ever stop God from doing His thing? No, but we have a say on whether or not we are a part of it. I'm not sure about you, but I don't want to miss out on nothing! Anytime that I can be a little grain of sand in God's ginormous plan, I'm all about it. We have choices to make, to jump or not when He calls, to help that mean old lady that always screams at us, when she drops her things in the road, to give a homeless man some food and drink, to listen to someone's tears and lend a shoulder, but also to not seek His desires for you. And believe me when I say this, He has grand desires for you. When you are out of a job, or have a ministry that is struggling, or a relationship tearing apart, have the faith to ask Him to be in it totally! Also have the faith to believe He can and will help. Want to serve God, but can't find a way to do so? Ask God to drop it in your lap! Whatever He may have in mind.

I do want to add, from my own experience, that God has a huge sense of humor, so any specifics are good, just keep in mind while asking, He's got humor too.

Got kid/s? Young mothers/parents have a hard time when their children are young feeling as though they are serving God. Its hard, every hour of everyday is unexpectable, unplanned, and almost chaotic. Kids are screaming, running all over the place, making messes, taking off their diapers, and smacking each other....wow how am I going to find the time to do the dishes...(sniff sniff) or bathe myself! HEE HEE! Let alone do some kind of ministry or free up the time to do God work.

Now with those images in your head, take a breath...no take several relaxing breaths.

Ready? |

Those kids are your very own little disciples. You are the biggest influence in their lives...if you choose to be such.

I struggle with this still. Dang it, my baby still jabbers at me! How can I have a real conversation with him!?! I just talk to him, like any other kid, but the real deal is going to be when he is older in an understanding age. Bring Jesus and God up now, and keep doing so, then when speach comes, the questions will too, and that's when it gets really awesome.

Also, live missionally together as a family. Have people over for meals, tea/coffee, games(this is a great way to get to know people and have fun!), just reach out. You know that one person that just looks lonely, you may just have a hello, and goodbye relationship with....invite them over for something....movie, henna, games, kid play. Some other way for parents to get out and about is by allowing their kids to be ice breakers with people. Kids are awesome for this...they are naturals at it. They don't even have to try! I don't suggest going out to eat at restaurants... its expensive, stressful, and can be very distracting and loud. Home gatherings are far more personal, cheaper, and enjoyable. It also seems to be a great way of showing someone's importance to that person when you invite them into your home. Can't afford a meal, get a potluck going where everyone brings something. not enough table space? Have a picnic on the floor, in your yard, on your porch.

Okay, wow, that was a lot.

By the way: As of right now, my toddler thinks its really cool to stand on his chair, jump, then in midair roll so when he hits the floor he'll be on his stomach instead of his back. better go.

I'm surrounded

Kiara, Asa, and Scott are now sickly, bummer. I've had to give Kiara breathing treatments from her inhaler, and Asa's just whiny, crying and very fussy. Scott got it too, so I'm trying to make sure he gets his rest. Luckily he had yesterday off, but tonight he goes in. Lots of lemon and honey water. I've been sure to take my vitamin C often.....I don't want to get this.

At church we are doing story tellings instead of teachings....which is a great way of doing a teaching by learning from someone's testimony. Its a break to stop and smell the flowers of everyone, to stop moving forward and find out in every aspect possible what's growing, how it's growing, and where its growing to. It's also very awesome for us because we don't really know everyone's story, and this is a great way of finding out.

I'm trying to learn how to rely totally on God, this is a life-long process and a series of events, but in this season and this moment that's what's up. Trust Him to provide, trust Him totally to guide me. It can get challenging, but I press on with giving Him my concerns and worries. How He has taken care of us in the past has been amazing, why am I worried now? What's funny is that I'm not really stressing right now, but I see the fear coming somehow, anticipation sucks. But its good that I see it coming, so I can prepare for it and try to push it away as soon as possible.

Cheers to the Faith!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Boom Baby!

So I was playing around at work, on my break (I'm responsible and mature ;) and I took a big leap in pretending we were running from our boss, and as I did, my knee popped really loud and burned with sharp pains running through my leg. Bummer. No Bueno. I have knee issues anyways, but now I can't kneel or keep it totally straight. If its killing me tomorrow I'll have to go to get it checked out. Let me tell ya, with three trucks next week to unload, this is going to suck if I can't get it better.

So I made my soup-stuff. I couldn't get Mary's mixin', so I threw in some stuff by smell....with Scott looking at me very wearily. I also threw in some pinto beans and potatoes.....this stuff is awesome! Especially with a tad sprinkle fo cheese. I left the hamburger out, in case Scott would actually eat it.

I have a week left at work.....wowza. I'm really glad, we are starting to have three trucks a week again starting this coming week, my last...yay. I can't do that crap anymore. My body barely works as it is at home, but when you mix that into it...nothing. No power, no energy. I actually tend to feel in the negative.

I started doing prayer scribbles in my sketch book. Its been very fun and interesting. I can't wait til we do 24 hours straight of prayer here. I want to set up, music, painting stuff, beading, tons of paper and wall space. There will also be a designated room for solitude, if I can find a babysitter.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

there's no turning back

Okay, two of my books have arrived today......here we go group of pages....teach me something, guide my brain God with this pile of pages....let me finish them.

heeh hee hee! This is just hilarious to me. I always pick on Scott for his book addiction, and here I am.....oh well. A friend of mine had one of these books, and I read a bit of it and peaked at it, and I just knew there was something in there I needed to get. Then I researched other books by him on the same subject, and felt the same. By the way, if you knew me, you would know that books just aren't my thing, between kids, prior-bird-awakening work hours, the house and everything else, I just can't focus and study. So far, I've been able to read around the kids, luckily my purse is big enough to fit them in there.

So I think I just cooked a cow and a half just now. Gross. I haven't cooked beef in forever, let alone ate it. It'll be good for what I'm about to make. I'm going to have some rice, cook it in tomatoe paste and diced tomatoes with and hamburger chopped zuccini with the seasonings of crushed red pepper, and my friend, Mary's spice mix she makes....yummy.


man I wish i had energy to cook more often. I made some waffles this morning, and they were good. I think I'm the only one who fully appreciated them, but that's ok...they were good!

I'm looking forward to my last day at work, its going to be interesting, yet also a sense of freedom. Everyone there is making me promise to come and have lunch breaks with them, that feels good. God has truely worked in that place with those people, and boy were the seeds planted. Now to trust God with the growing and make a habit of going for lunch there.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Interview results

Well, I didn't get the job at Richland College, which is okay, because I didn't want it unless it was my next step....seems like God has something else in mind. There may still be other possiblities at the college, but I may not hear from that for awhile.

I'm actually excited, though, even though I didn't get it. God's working for me, and that just feels good. I'll find something soon enough...we'll be taken care of, we always have been tight in His arms. I can't wait to see what He has in store for us!

stepping back to breathe

What is it with this month? I've blogged more than I have before, I've experienced God more, I've got so many changes going on all around me....wowza! Also, I've been experienceing challenges, I never thought would ever be an issue. Just thought I would step back and look at it.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

feeling better

I'm sure no one has read the post below yet....if not....read that one first and this one will make a bit more ssense....if that's possible!

I feel better. I had a nap and woke up to a call of encouragement. God totally knew what I needed. I guess I was struggling with something that isn't even mine to struggle with....not yet anyhow.

I've actually ordered some books for myself....this is a rare thing....I don't know how to read.....ok so maybe I do. But the reason why its so rare is because I never really have much time by myself to just read...some books, like harry potter, i can read around the kids, but that's because i don't need to study it. these are the kind to study and learn from. They are written by a DTS professor. I'm very excited about them.

I've been really digging The Restoration Project . It's been so refreshing to me...especially the latter part of the album. Those are some good lyrics.


Man, I'm feeling very discouraged today. I feel like I can't blog what I feel I need to or want to, because I don't ......I don't even friggin know. I'm tempted to just stop blogging all together....but then I would feel like I'm giving in. Into what, who the hell knows. I feel angry, depressed and like plain crud because of it too. I want to just shut down....stop talking about things ....and just deal with it by myself. But that would suck, this is not why God says we need to live in community. I just have soooo much anxiety in me right now, and it keeps building. I'm sooooo damn sick of being like this. I'm tired of my emotions right now. Why can't I just take a break from them?

I think I need a nap and a clear head, then tomorrow I will move forwards instead of miles behind me.

thanks for listening.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Last night went very well, I feel like I accomplished a step God needed me to take to move forward. I told my story last night. Forgive me for not getting pictures or my story up soon. I'm trying, but most of the time I have to ttype quick and get off the computer quick....three kids, ya know.

Anyways, since I have given my story, the whole group prayed for Scott and I and our family's ministry and what it will become.....that felt soooooooo good. Today, I am very overwhelmed with the push to go go go, but my question is what, what, how. I feel kind of scattered with excitement and confusion. I wish I could answer the question: Where do you see yourself in ten years? ; without just "Wherever God puts us"

I want specifics! I want to know! Hee hee. But that may not reveal itself until that very time comes. I'm ok with that, but today I'm just wrestling with my thoughts and mixing them with God's guidance.

What these next couple of months hold that I need prayers for:

-finding a new job that God is preparing for me

-I have a meeting with the Ministers of Missions May 24th, where I'm hoping to let them know our hopes, desires, and outreach/church planting with the hopes of their support

-I want to once or twice have a 24 hour period in this house that has a constant prayer going, I pray we can find a babysitter also. I have always had it in my heart to do 24/7 prayer, but this is my baby step which feels ginormous!

-Henna parties, small and big, some with food, some with snacks, some with a movie

-movie nights, game nights, girl makeover nights...whatever

-conversational day....this needs to happen soon...pray that the people who need to be there to talk and hear openly conversations about who this Jesus guy is, will be there

Not sure what else.....I'll keep you posted.

thanks much to you all, much love to ya
I know i

Friday, May 12, 2006

My Interview

My interview went very well, I think. I left feeling highly encouraged and excited about it. I also felt they were on that same page. I should find out Wednesday by the latest.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Art, Beads, and Jazz

Wow, what a long, but great day. It's long because I worked, great for a number of reasons. Scott took the kids to the park and they had a blast. Then I got the kids ready to go downtown to the Trammell & Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art for some foods of Polynesia, Feng Shui beading (not a fan, but it is interesting and fun to make an anklet), watched some hula dancing, and Kiara and I even joined the dancers at the end! Next we crossed the street to go to the Dallas Musuem of Art to listen to a group of live jazz musicians rock with their instruments. We took a break from the front stage sound and had a quick run-thru of the museum, then went back out for some more jazzy-dooo. What's even more awesome about this night was it only cost us $6 for parking......that's it! It made me really appreciate living in a big city.

It was a good night.

Let me just say God rocks......God Rocks

Okay, so I just left my 2.5 week notice with Michael's Arts ans Crafts the day before yesterday. Well that day I received an email about a job at Richland College for a part time morning person at the test center. I sent my resume via email, and they just called setting up an interview for tomorrow morning at 9:10am . Even though there's no certainties, its still great encouragement.

All willing, please pray with me about it. What is truelly on my heart to do is church plant/outreach ministry with the fam....or plain english to organic folks: build strong relationships throughout our community with Christ smack-dab in the center, in hopes to spread Him contageously through His light, while helping those in need of food, health stuff, a good shoulder to cry on, a family to laugh and celebrate with, an ear for ventilation, and just a caring community.

I just pray that God's hand will be in it...whatever...wherever, but it would be cool for our family's dream/desires to come to reality.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

We Are Now Hennafied

Man, these parties just keep getting better and better! We had five new people come to this one and it simply rocked! I think we had all together 12 people in and out, and out of those only one ended the party without a tattoo, by his own choice ( we sure did try though;) My friend Andrew came with his guitar and played us some of his music.....by the way he ROCKS on his guitar! We are hoping to get together and make up some worship music....that would be sooo cool. A girl who came last time, brought a friend this time.

There was food, soda, great conversation, good laughs, and henna with God right in the center of it all.... what more do you need in life? Next henna party coming to a Miller house soon near you, well if you live in Dallas.

Pics coming soon if I can ever find that darn upload cord....hmmm.
HENNA PARTY TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come all willing to hang out for good conversation and food, but most of all some serious henna. Yeah buddy!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Write, Tell, All God

My heart is going every which way it can right now, but my mind is desiring to rush things. I need unity here of them both to move forward.....that's just how I'm built. God's teaching me how. I need to just write everything down....plain an simple. Write out my prayers, my ideas, my to-do lists, everything. write write write. I need to be able to look at it all so it doesn't seem/feel so heavy. I've noticed that once I write it down, it all doesn't seem/feel so heavy. Some of it is really big stuff that may take me days, or even months to accomplish, but at least I have something to help my focus and to give relief to this overwhelming feeling that its all impossible. Baby steps.

On another note, its been soooooo amazing seeing God at work in our lives and those around us. It's thrilling to be a part of it, as well as to hear about it. Our church is starting to have people come and tell their stories of how God has/is working in their lives. I'm really excited to learn more about people and how He is moving. When they asked for volunteers for someone to be first next Saturday, I was not okay with being first out of shyness a bit, but mostly because my story is a bit overwhelming to myself at times. But no one quickly spoke up, and I felt the leading to just do it..... so my story is next Saturday. I'm okay with it now, just need a little planning for the audience's understanding. After Saturday, I plan to post it. It will be very interesting to travel through my past and watch again what God has done and is doing.

I went into urgent care the night before last. My stomach was burning and having sharp pains through it. I couldn't take it anymore, so I went. It turns out that I have a peptic ulcer, which I pretty much knew, considering I have had three in my teenage years. What's so funny is my friend, Julie, sent me a book to read called Encourage me, which she just grabbed off the shelf. Well, as I was skimming though it, I caught a part talking about calling for help, so I stopped and read it. At the bottom it said,"Since when is a bleeding ulcer a sign of spirituality?"

I laughed out loud..funny stuff, great coincidence, yet it wouldn't be surprising if it were all God, because the message I got from it was much needed to hear about my job situation and all.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A message

I read somewhere today a saying/statement: "If you were willing to die with Him, then why not be willing to live with Him?"

Huh....so much said in so little words. I can't seem to shake it, so I'll flow with it.

So here are my questions for you:

Is it easier to die (totally give yourself) for Christ, than it is to try to live in Him? Why?

What does it take to die for Christ?

What does it take for you to live in Him?

To give yourself fully, your life, your behavior, your whole self......that's serious business. So why stop there after you jump? Why not grow in Him and see the beauty after the grave...see the true light and true life..how it was meant to be? I was stuck in the ground after giving my life to Christ for quite the while. I had the passion, but was afraid of using it due to lack of understanding my faith, being so new. So I just dwindled a little while. Finally I started to seek a little. Got into daily duties at a local church and searched for His face. I found myself still hungry and starved for something more than that. I need to hear His voice....to see His face.... To learn more.

For our family, it took a huge leap of faith by moving half across the country...we couldn't stand to stave anymore. We needed to experience His promises, His Church, but most of all His FREEDOM.

A man is crawling on his hands and knees. He's got stones and blistering boulders on his back. He's barely moving. He sees a light, and learns he doesn't have to carry this load anymore, he doesn't have to be burnt anymore, he doesn't have to crawl anymore. He can just drop off his weight with a choice to rust that it will be taken and that this is the only way for it to be taken from him. So he decides.....he trusts this and drops the load at the light. He sighs, he breathes better, he's finally free of that burden.....and then crawls forward.

Why didn't he stand up, run, jump for joy, dance or whatever he couldn't do before? Because he was so use to being on his knees.....carrying all that weight and pain. Just to be relieved of that was huge! So why move on? Why not be totally satified with just that? BECAUSE THERE'S SOOOO MUCH MORE GOD CRAVES FOR YOU! He wants to not only help you every way He can, but He wants a very close relationship with you. Don't get me wrong, the lifting of burdens and forgiveness of sins through atonement is no little thing at all. But here's a God who wants to Give you more...it pleases Him to do so, and in that you'll get an outstanding relationship with Him.

Seek the trust, truth, faith, love, and freedom my friends.

A decent day with great conversation

Today was good. I went into work 45 minutes late, kind of on purpose due to an important conversation with Scott on top of sleeping in a tad. It was good though. I never do that or call in, so they were okay at work, plus I got to have a time with just Scott and myself talking.

I was at work, tired, and just plain bored, but still keeping busy, and these three girls started asking me a little about henna and when my next party was going to be. These are three girls I've never worked with much because they are new to the crew. They also haven't been to one, so it sounds like the next one will be a big one. I'm so friggin' excited. Tuesday will hopefully be the day, just pray that the black henna pen comes in, before then. Its on its way.

Jenny from church came over to help out with the kids mercifully and graciously. She survived the craziness of what can come about of the Miller kids, one without a nap. Very brave Jenny. She did excellent with the kids, and we had some good conversation too.

Also the past day or so, Danae has been in email conversation about our desires to do outreach/ministry/live as/live with/just be us as a family , as well as asking about my prayer life. Its very good to be questioned things about how and why you do/live....it helps you focus on truth, reality, but also guides you into the knowledge of what's really important and teaches you about you. I'm grateful for all her questions, it helps me maintain my focus on Christ in everything....exactly where it should be.

Good day full of great conversaton and ideas. Thanks for coming along.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

CAN't....ugh....KEEP it....ugh..To---geth---er !

Wow, this was a definite go-go-go-go-go-go-go-go-stop-breath-go-go day. I've been on the phone all day, on top of taking ALL THREE KIDS TO THE DENTIST, and faxing important stuff at UPS, then back on the phone.

The dentist was interesting. HUGE KUDOS FOR ANGELA FOR SAVING ME! So here's what happened: I called the dentist to set up an appointment for next week, they didn't have anything but today was totally open, for all three. So I ask when to come, they said in thirty minutes! This is something I wasn't going to just put off to prevent possible freak-outs, so I took it. I told Scott like this: "Okay, hon, don't freak out, but I need your help in getting the kids ready for the dentist. We have to be there in 30 minutes." Wow......no freak-outs, no nothing. He was very cool and helped me with the kids. So we get there. I have the wrong papers for insurance so only one kid, whose forms were correct, could be seen.......grrrrrrrrr. Well, Angela shortly after returned my call for prayer for the day and prayed for me, and five minutes after I got off the phone, the guy at the window said he could try the numbers I did have and get the cleared if they are current, and he did. So all the kids were seen within an hour and 15 minutes of being at the dentist. Also Angela was able to be there most of the time to help me with the kids. THANK GOD AGAIN FOR THAT.

Anyways, I feel so scattered and unorganized, but haven't the time to be organized..... and in that I feel really stuck. I just wish I could figure out a way to program everything to work as it should so I can just get on with what's really important....but the kids wouldn't sit still for that...hee hee.

Prayer issues.....oh sweet loving Jesus.....the prayer issues. Right now I've got so much to pray for that I am starting to forget it all, cause there's sooooooo much and it's all very import to pray for, so I'm planning on starting a prayer journal with Scott and myself and anyone who comes into the house. I may even have a little notepad to stash in my purse for on the go stuff. Either way, it can't just be forgotten anymore.....I won't allow it. Prayer is extremely important to me and is a necessity.

any prayers are welcome.