Monday, September 19, 2016

Ya Never Know, Do ya?

So this week was pretty fabulous, but also extremely tiring. Getting sick is no fun, especially when you top it with busyness. Under the weather and just feeling like I should sleep all day haha. However I would compare it to working out, it hurts after, but its a good hurt. The kind your body is acceptable of because you did something good. So all week I've been focused on 2 extra things outside/part of the family: The Suicide Prevention Walk and sewing up enough items to sell at the Popcorn Festival in Brookston. The first had been planned for over a month, and the latter was pretty spontaneous. I just happened to walk in the right place, at the right time to hear a conversation about that person needing help :) I offered my help in turn to see how my purses would sell in this area. Win/Win. Well, I didn't sell any of them. Not a single one :) However, I feel as though I have made a life long friend to the end. And I learned A LOT. There are options on the horizon, and I'm going to look into them further and it wouldn't have happened without this interaction :) Saturday evening, we had a fire pit vacation. I learned how to better pray for someone, just by getting closer to that person. But also you really can't go wrong with good people, conversation, marshmallows, and the occasional belting of old songs...Pure beauty it was. The walk was yesterday, it was good! My daughter had a couple of near and dear friends with her and there were 3 more to add to our group on top of that. It was really good. And we would have stayed longer, had we not forgotten the water...oops. So today, we are back in reality. There are things I need to do, laundry to be cleaned, dishes to be done, sweeping of the floors, and dusting. Not today though. I really think I need to take this day and rest. I haven't allowed myself this yet since first getting sick, so today is the day. Why is that so unsettling? Always when we are busy, we look forward to resting and chilling out, but when it comes, we are jumping out of our skin, not just letting it be. There's so much unknown on the horizon, that part isn't unsettling. Hmmm... I think today, I will only allow myself to find the small tent and make a packing list for the trip to Austin in late October...for which we are ecstatic about. I've got costumes to make....might just cut the materials and have them ready..then maybe even start sewing...see how that happened so fast? It is a work in progress, hahaha! Peace and flowers my friends!