Saturday, March 22, 2008

In South Dakota

Here we are in South Dakota, Sioux Falls to be exact. We are buying house here, and this Monday I will be beginning my job with a big company my dad is helping to head up. It is a company really diving into eco-energy in the coolest ways. Here soon I will be heading up the charity division of the company. I'm so thrilled about this part of it. I'll will be pretty much building this from the ground up. I will be able to explain better later once things get going.

One really awesome this is that a friend I have made while I was in Dallas will be moving up here shortly. It's going to be awesome. Her and her girls will come and stay with us until they get on their feet here. Just a fresh new start. And our loving father definitely knows she needs it. All the prayers would be awesome. If anyone is inte4rested in helping her move items to a storage space and help her pack up, let me know.

I also got in touch with a good friend of mine. This past 1.5 years her daughter has been going through a rough time with her manic depression and bi-polar disorder. She has been so tired in her heart because of her experience through her daughter's wellness. Please pray that she would seek God during this time and allow Him to love her.

The kids will start school here on Tuesday. I'm excited for them. They both love school so much, this will definitely be a nice change. So far they have been having so much fun just playing with my nephew and seeing family.

We did get to see some family in Indiana. It was really nice. Got to hang out with the grandparents and then with the great grandparents, then with my aunts and cousins as well as my mother.

Also in between there I went to Dallas for St. Patrick's Day weekend and did some henna at the Tipperary Inn. It was fun, had some really awesome and random conversations. It really appeared that God had me there for listening, and opening my life and heart. I had a lot of people just come up and share their problems of what's all been going on with their lives and some even seeking God but resisting because of all the turmoil.

The days after that I went friend hopping and visited quite a few friends. It was awesome to see everyone again.

Well so much more to come, but must come another day. Take care all and many blessings shined.