Saturday, April 30, 2005

Rock On

Okay I've got a couple of things to share. First, a couple of days ago our new microwave pooped out on us. I guess the green beans were too much for the machine, hee hee. Anyways, we couldn't afford to buy a new one and when I threw out my broken purse, I was positive I accidently left the receipt inside it. So since then we've been having to heat up everything on the stove, and having to rewash everything as we go. Which is fine, but at times its just so much nicer being able to skip all of those extra steps when cooking. Well, miraculously, I was cleaning off the dresser and found the receipt! Rock on! We now have a new microwave. Also, I was able to get one cheaper, so I also got the kids some new flip flops, which was needed too. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the little things :)

Okay next, I want to share a little tidbit from my walk with the kids yesterday evening. As we were walking Kiara looked ahead, and I heard her faintly whisper, "It's so beautiful." I smiled and asked what was beautiful. She said, " Ahhhhhhhh, the sky." It was so adorable. And it also made me realize how new her eyes are compared to mine. I remember when I use to just stare at the sky in wonder and enjoyment. It just brought me to a place where I come to realize how huge God really is. Very cool stuff. I love my little angels :)

The last thing I wanted to share was about my oldest little babe, Mikah. This week we had been doing homeschooling. Nothing really scheduled, but just a start to help me figure out a more regular schedule. Anyways, since I've been hired the kids realize I'm not going to be here constantly anymore. This came acrossed as a big bummer to them while I was looking, but eventually they became happy for me and us. Anyways, today while I was exchanging the microwave, Mikah gave his Mama Phyllis a call. He hid in the closet so he could talk to her privately. One of the things he wanted to talk to her about was how he didn't want to go to school, that is outside of the home. Wow, it's amazing how much these kids think about. For some reason I had thought we had talked about it with him, but I guess not. So Scott had a talk with him about how while I was at work, daddy would be here and do a little bit of school, and when mommy got home, she would do a little bit too. Mikah thought that was awesome. I must say it makes me feel really good that he wants to be homeschooled and that we are able to find the way to do it.

Friday, April 29, 2005

A little Humbled

Wow, experiencing this first month here has been interesting. We've been getting closer and closer to the nitty gritty of our finacial situation. I'm not sure if we've ever been this situation where every last penny is stretched to its fullest potential. God has definitely been good, though. He has provided. We've never missed a meal, and we are healthily enjoying ice water as our main beverage. I must say I do enjoy watching God provide. He never holds back.

Also I have experienced the prayer groups here. This is something I have needed for quite the while. Just a time where you sit with one another, and be totally honest about what you need prayer for, and also a great time to pray for others. There really are no words to describe it. Ever since I've been here and meeting and talking with people, the more this place feels right for us. I feel like this is definitely the missing puzzle piece. It's absolutely amazing.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

OH Guess What I Found!

I found me a jobby-job! Yes, oh, yes indeed. I walked in, filled out an application, talked with the assistant manager, then the manager, and got hired on the spot! What a relief. I hate my sucky faith. I was starting to freak a bit about finding a job, but just when I started getting really freaked, God stepped in laughing at me and shaking His head. Sorry God, I'll try to change my inner voices. So Einstein Brothers Bagels is my new place of employment. Rock on! I start May 2nd, and I can wear my piercing! Who's excited, ME ME ME! Sorry, I know I sound a little crazy with all of this, but I haven't been in the workplace in forever, and today at the interview I was extremely comfrtable with it all, and can't wait to start bageling away! Well, Asa and the house is calling. Thanks to everyone for their prayers.

Monday, April 25, 2005

A Bitter-Sweet Day

Okay, so I started today off by calling some places I had applied and job hunting through the job ads. And shortly before lunch time went off on a drive to check out some possible areas to apply. Well, I didn't get a chance to actually apply during this time, but at least I gathered up some ideas.

After lunch a woman from church picked me up to join her and some other ladies for a prayer time. The whole ime I was there I was thinking, "I've NEEDED something like this for quite some time now." It was gorgeous how much I was able to relate to this group of women. What was even more awesome was that we were all so different in our individualistic ways, yet through Christ, so alike. I felt so comfortable with them, and I can't wait to get to know these women better.

Well, that was awesome and that was the sweet part. I came home from the group to find that my brother had called. I had totally forgotten that today was the day my Dad was going back to court to see if he was going back to prison or not. For a little bit tof background, my Dad had went to prison a while back ago for some money issues. Well, today he got sentenced for 33 months. I'm still trying to gather all of the info as possible, but so far my emotions are feeling strung about and pulled every which way. It sucks, because even though I only saw him a couple of times a year, I was still able to call him and talk with him as well as the kids. I just hope that since he has to do the time, that it does him some good.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

A moment to exhale

I'm at the moment trying to figure out what kind of person I am, as well as what kind of parent I am, what kind of wife I am, but I'm guessing that none of that is important at this given moment, because everytime I try, I am pulled from myself back into supermom mode. That's okay to me, but there are just times where I get so damned selfish in my thinking, and it makes the day really hard on not only me, but those around me. I know people say I need to find time to myself and all, but what do I do, how do I , where can I, and sometimes why can't I? The last time Scott gave me a little bit to go somewhere by myself, I ended up taking Kiara with me. I'm not complaining about this at all, we had some fun with the Rudd's , and it was quite nice for the both of us. I almost always enjoy the one on one time with the kids. I say almost because when there's a kid involved there's always room for trauma and drama, hee hee. I'm not so sure where this is going, so don't try to map it. I'm trying to remember all of the topics I really wanted to write about, but in the mix with taking care of the kids, it all has been lost.

So anyways, here's some happy-go-lucky stuff I want to share: Kiara is almost totally potty trained for daytime. Granted we still have accidents, but hey those happen. Either way she's doing AWESOME! I'm also getting the hang of these cloth diapers and have been using them more frequently. And Mikah has started homeschooling, well, right now its kind of unorganized, but that will change shortly. He's learning how to follow directions and how to add, and take in what he's reading. Very nice. I must admit the first try was quite frustrating for Mikah and myself, but that's okay. This is something new to the both of us. Another thing is Scott and I are feeling very comforted about our decision about moving here. It just fits. Well, mommy-hood calls once again, our dinner is fixed, the kids and I all helped to prepare :)

Saturday, April 23, 2005

What side of the bed is this?

Okay, so I wake up with my little miss Kiara in her cloth diaper letting me know she needed changed. Of course there was no smell so to my suprise, there's poo everywhere. Just as I start changing her, Asa's diaper, which is also in a state for changing, starts to leak as well. Once I change everyone, and clean everything up, Mikah starts hitting me up for some oatmeal. So I take a breath and make the oatmeal, and pour Kiara a bowl of Bran flakes which she has asked for. Just as I'm about to pour the milk in her bowl, she says she wants oatmeal and starts crying. CRYING. Ha ha, luckily for her I still had some patience left and had her stop crying and ask for it nicely. She had done so. Once all of our oatmeal was done, we sat at the table to eat. Its too hot still, so Mikah starts repeatedly asking for an ice cube. Before I did this I checked Kiara's oatmeal to see if it was the same as Mikah's, but her's was cooler. So I just got an ice cube for Mikah. This is about when World war 3 crash landed in Kiara's little head. You gotta love three year olds, hee hee. After that drama was done I actually sat down to eat my own breakfast, and for some odd reason this is Asa's cue to just freak out in a crying fit. This morning I was severely outnumbered and I feel like its a show tell sign that I need to crack down on these spoiled kids a lot more on their manners and respect. I love my kids like crazy, but I'm thinking I'll appreciate them a lot more when I get at least a part time job. Must go Asa's crying my name.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Questions that strike a pose

So I'm finding myself around a lot of questions, whether they come from Scott or myself, they are here. And the only thing I get out of them are more questions. The majority are God related and I guess I've become maybe more acceptable about not knowing than God wants me to be. This has me going a little crazy in mind. I'm not so sure how that comes across, but I'm beginning to believe it. I've become so use to just accepting that all of my questions, my impossible questions can't be answered by any person. Granted people can attempt to give me their answer, but really its a matter of opinion. The hard core facts can only come from God. So I just set them all aside, and hope that when the tiime comes, I will find out the real deal. But I don't think that's what He wants. He thrives on us searching for Him, and wants us to know Him more, even if it starts small and seemingly impossible. So maybe my acceptance is a way of trying to take the easier path. Is this making sense? Just some thoughts thrown out before I rest the night away.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Wow would be enough

I can't believe we've been here this long already. I'm still looking for a job, and it hasn't been easy for me at all. Its been so long, and my self confidence has lower a bit since having kids. I don't blame it on the kids at all, but having kids has changed my life around totally. I'm not the same person I use to be, its just factual. I use to be able to grab interviews without even going to the place or sending a resume'. Also I've been sick and its made my voice horrifying. I won't call on apps until its back to normal. Most places are customer service type jobs, I need to sound friendly over the phone, not like Frankenstein, ha ha.Yester, I lost my voice. I had to whisper to people. It was crazy. Today I still sound raspy, but hopefully tomorrow I can call, and go to more places.

my fam is dow, mom, sis and nephew. They came in on Friday, and on Saturday, my poor nephew was breathing really hard and wheezing like crazy, so he spent the day in two hospitals. The first one transfered him over to the children's hospital to get asthma treatment. He's doing much better now. He can't be too active though, and its hard for him to remember that.

Another happening, is: ASA PULLED HIMSELF UP, STANDING UP AGAINST THE FURNITURE! His first time, I might add, and I GOT TO SEE IT! Its been seeming as though Scott has seen most of his firsts, so this made me feel better :)

ta-ta for now!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

WE'RE HERE!!!!!!!!!

Yes, yes..there it is! Here we are in our new home in the city of Dallas! (Let's take this moment to imagine my ginormous sigh of relief mixed with excitement)........
The drive was good, yet exhausting. I think I'm feeling the jet lag from it all, even though we didn't ride in a jet/ lag? Well you get the point. My mind and body are exhausted but that's okay....I defintely can deal. We don't have the net, so I'm going to have my main post about this all later. Thanks to EVERYONE for prayers and all of the help. ITS MUCH APPRECIATED!

Just one more quick note. Today I put on Asa's first very own cloth diaper.....and with that first cloth diaper, I got the explosion.....and guess what.....IT ALL KEPT CONTAINED! Very nice. Hopefully this will go smoothly. I'm planning on easing my way into it all. Between potty training Kiara, unpacking, job sesarching, and converting to cloth diapers, I think that is the best. Love you all, and will post more in a couple of days.