Friday, March 18, 2005

tooth-filled lil joys

Okay, forgot a little travel memory I wanted to share with everyone. Asa and daddy were just chilling out in the back seat of the car in Illinois, when Asa revealed the reason for his fussiness and sleeplessness: HIS FIRST TOOTH! There it was so plain for Scott to see, and what do I hear? "Ha ha! He's got his FIRST TOOTH! And I'M THE FIRST TO SEE IT!" Not that we're competing, but unfortunately Scott is rarely the first one to see these things. The first thing I think is: "Ouch" since I'm nursing still. Oh well, I guess I'll have to tough it out.

In addition to this first, we came home to find another. Mikah's had an incident with Kiara; she and him were jumping on his bed and her head come banging up against his lower jaw. This knocked a couple of teeth loose. Well when we were at Scott's parents to pick up the kiddos and we had to stay a couple of days to get the car fixed. Anyways our first night there I was brushing his teeth after his turn, and with the foaming toothpaste I saw a tooth just floating in his mouth! I screeched out of excitement....MIKAH HAD JUST LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH! Very cool. Now I remember when I was a kid and had a tooth fairy, so I decided to do the same with the kids. Heck, we already killed Santa, might as well give him the tooth fairy. So I wrote him a note and left a dollar to replace the tooth. Well, of course he was all sorts of excited, and read that letter over and over and over. Well, later that day he thought for some odd reason that I wanted him to throw away the letter. And he did! I still don't know where he got that; either way the letter was gone, and he was upset about it later. It really broke his heart. He wanted us to dig up the trash we had already taken out. To be honest, that's not my cup of tea, digging in the trash, especially when its alreaady tied up and has only God knows what else inside. So what do I do? I rewrite the letter. I had it all set up perfectly. I had the same crayon, same fold, and same wording.....well almost the same wording. I think I accidently added a word or two. This is the moment where I hand him the letter, and squint....will he notice this isn't the same letter? He examines the page over and over and over again...."Hey! This letter is different!" This is within 30 seconds! BUSTED. I was laughing so hard from shock. How many times did he read that thing!?! So this is where I tell him the truth about me rewriting the letter. This helped him feel better and he understood why I did it. He's such a sweet little man.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

get organized already!

One thing this family has been very horrible about is being organized. We really suck at it. And right noww I'm at the beginning stages of our packing.......what a freaking mess! My mind doesn't like to keep my body in tune as to what's going on sometimes, and what I mean by that is I have way too many thoughts hitting me all at once, so important things are much too easily forgotten. (urgggggh) So all of this combines is truely a big mess. I hope to be able to have all of our necessities sorted as to what to keep and toss. Our next place is quite small, and if we can't compact it, then we must toss it. I just hope that when we unpack everything, we can find enough places for it all. I think that's why we are so unorganized....we can seem to have set places for things.

By the way, practically everything I've wanted to say about our trip to Dallas, Scotty pretty much said it perfectly. Only thing I would add is how wonderful the trip down was, and how freaking awesome it is that we are able to move down to Dallas! Huge thanks to the Rudd's for EVERYTHING! Especially for putting up with us for the week. Also huge thanks to the kern's for putting up with us! It was wonderful to see all of you! It was fantastic to meet Jessica finally. I hope to spend more time with her someday soon. Our trip down was quite refreshing. We've been going through some mind trauma lately from worries about family to what the next year is going to be like. Gladly enough though, our next ordeals of stress is a lot clearer so its much easier to handle.

Well, I've got a ton to do and very little time to do it, so I probably won't post again until we are moved. Take care everyone!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Update on Scott's sister

I talked with Scott's sister today, and she's all around doing FREAKING FANTASTIC! She told me that the majority of her health problems that have been occuring over the past year have just up and vanished since the surgury. She talked with her oncologist and he said that the kind of cancer she had released a certain chemical in her body, and its been known to cause those symptoms. Some of the problems she's had were muscular dysfunction. She would lose all feeling in her legs and her hands would get all funky too. Also it sounds like she'll have a lot of people helping out with the 500 hours of community house service for Habitat For Humanity. I guess the youth group and a bunch of other people from their church are all about helping out. I'm so happy for them. I hope it just keeps getting better for them.

Deal with it

I must say I'm tired of hearing about issues that deal with separation of church and state. From the Commandment monuments and plaques all the way to gay marriage. First of all, if they remove a monument from the capital building, will that action change the history of our nation's laws or that state's unity? NO! Will we stray from keeping the commandments because they take a piece of marble and stone away? NO! Will fighting against gay marriage convert gay men and women to heterosexuality? NO! I can go on and on about these two, especially these two, but you get where I'm going. I understand that this guy is sueing for the position and existence of the monument, but this kind of thing has happened in the past where a bunch of the blind minded get their panties in a twist over such crud that leads them to protest with picket signs and raise some "holy cain" . I say, what's the ebig deal....take the phrase off the currency, the monuments out of the gov buildings, and stop discriminating unconstitutionally against gay marriage.....its not like they aren't getting married already. I think Christ has some better ideas of how to go about it than this.

(by the way, I'm not use to this crazy one button mac mouse, so no links will bee posted until I get back.)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

We're Off....way off

Well tomorrow we leave for Monticello. There we will prepare the kids and ourselves with the final touches for our vacation/get away. I'm thinking about getting my hair cut.....not too sure what look I'd be going for, either way I need a good trimming. Friday early morning we will be headed to Oklahoma to visit the wonderful Kern family. The next morning we will be headed to Dallas to visit the Rudds and Thames. Tonite I get to start packing and get stuff fairly organized for when we come back. It'll be good just to go on the road trip.

Because of all this I probably won't be back on for awhile, at least until we get back. See ya!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

living in the moment

It's silent...almost too silent. Older kids are playing and coloring together nicely on the floor. The baby is sleeping and I was actually able to put some of the clothes away. The second after I start thinking, "this is going to be a good day" it happens. That one little dister that carries a domino effect. It all starts with a crayon. Kiara puts a crayon back in the tub where it belongs. Mikah's head does a 360 degree backflip, and all hell breaks loose. Mikah's screaming at Kiara, Kiara's screaming back, the baby wakes up and starts screaming. I attempt to go at it all calmly, but soon have to raise my voice just to get the older kids to acknowledge my existence. Finally there is some resolution. Mikah and Kiara choose to play separately. Asa is ticked off still from being awoken and immediately put down without cuddling. He's a little hungry but still very tired, so I feed him and attempt to rock him back to sleep. Yes! It's quiet again! Finally a second where my nerves can just chill. Then it all happens again. Of course its a little different of a scenario, but same story. This is my routine day. Its starting to getting very stale and unbreathable, yet I'm out of ideas of how to get it all under control. I'm tired of not being able to keep this place clean, I'm tired of constantly battling with the kids, and I'm tired of being a hermit crab.

Last night I was to the point of just breaking down. I just wanted to kick something, scream at the top of my lungs, and then curl up into a ball and just cry. I'm highly looking forward to a break from the kids and our every day run around. I can't wait to get on the road. I think I'm going to enjoy this road trip. I'm especially going to enjoy seeing everyone, but just having time set to read, write, or crochet will be nice. I might even have a decent conversation with Scott too! That alone would be nice. A conversation where we aren't interrupted by the chaos our family lives out. Don't get the wrong idea.....I'm going to miss the kids like crazy, but I've needed a break...sort of like a day off. My job is 24/7 with these lil guys. I don't get to go home from work cause that's where work is. I'm hoping to change this routine very soon when we come back. Not too sure what that'll look like, but we'll find out sure enough!

thanks for listening.

Failed to Mention

I think I've failed to mention that I was able to save my hair....well at least most of it. Its been thinned out due to the removal of the waxy mess. I miss my dreads, and am a little aggravated I'll have to wait awhile again before putting them back in. My hair is still long, but with missing some, they wouldn't be as strong now. Oh well, I guess this waiting period will be a good time to strengthen my hair for the next bunch of knatty friends.

Kiara's leaarning how to write. She doesn't quite yet recognize each letter, but we're working on that as we work on writing out the letters. We're still struggling to get her on the potty. She's very sensitive and now says she's scared of the potty, because there are monsters in there. I think its because her and her daddy had some verbal problems. She couldn't quite express what she wanted to say and poor Scotty was confused as to what she wanted. This has been awhile since its happened, but its been since then she's been using the potty. I think I might get a little mischeivious with it, and bribe her at first....this is how we had to potty train Mikah. I didn't like it, but it was our last resort. Hopefully just using it to get her on the potty and then gradually encouraging it without bribary will do the trick. Today is the day....I hope.

Mikah has been quite the little artist and Mr. creativity. Once I find out how to get these pictures onto our new computer, I'll put some of his work up. He and the kids almost need their own gallery. I might be able to incorporate this into their next room when we move.....hmmmmm.