Friday, July 06, 2007

Yup, more and more prayers.....THANKS!

So many things and yet again so little time to talk about it. Here's a quick summary of what has all happened in the past couple of weeks and what is soon to come:


  1. My friend's grandmother who was nearing death so fast, got her leg amputated and will get to go home soon. Please pray for a great home nurse and the capabilities of her family to care for her.
  2. My friend who has been in severe need of a car is getting one in a little bit. Still some things to get sorted, but things are happening in that direction.
  3. I've been having henna parties at my house where ladies will come and get some henna for a decent price. This helps out when funds are low. Please pray that this will keep going good and get better.
  4. I went out to Garland, TX the saturday before July 4th, with a henna booth. It was going so good then the rains came, and ruined mine and my partners items. Everything was soaked and many things had to be thrown away and we are still in the works of replacing it. Plus after the rains we got sent home due to more storms, and we all ended up losing money.
5. Mikah has a guitar and is slowly but surely trying to learn it. He's easily discouraged, so please pray for encouragement & discipline.

Looking Forward to:

  1. July 14th, Spiritual Retreat.....just praying and reading the bible, and listening/ pray for clarity, refreshment, and my friend and I to have a total God experience
  2. Building Dallas Henna business......not sure if this will happen sooner or later , please pray for clarity on this
  3. School, I start college in August. I will be taking some pre-requisite classes to prepare for nursing school in a year or so. Pray for discipine, patience, clarity, open mind/heart, for my family, babysitting
  4. Job promotion at my job.....this will come soon, not sure when, but it will happen if I'm there for this next year. Pray for encouragement and discipline.
  5. Kid go back to school in August. Please pray that we will be able to figure out what school, where, how, yada yada yada
  6. Helping my friend build relationships in her neighborhood

That's just off the top of my head. I'm sure there is more, but here's some prayer concerns I have:
  1. My husband grandfather isn't doing well at all. He is a great man and a great servant of Christ. Please pray for a painless journey home, care and wisdom for those left behind, and that Scott and the family will be able to make it there when it is our time to be there.
  2. My friend's family, they have broken up, but are slowly getting back to some kind of connection that is somewhat healthy, pray for this family to learn forgiveness, and use it for good, pray for redemption and the son of God to be poured on their hearts
  3. Pray for me and my medication to continue to work for my anxiety and depression
  4. Pray for Mikah and fill him with compassion and mercy and for him to be able to communicate what bothers him
  5. Pray for Kiara and that she will be strong when she just wants to crumble away, but also allow her heart to be kept full of the love and sweetness she has for others
  6. Pray for Asa that he learns well and becomes disciplined, and a bit more steady.
  7. Pray that our family will be binded together in the holiness of God and that we will be and example of His love together
  8. And just pray for each other and all of those around you.