Sunday, October 30, 2005

A bunch of sickos

Man, oh, man. This is quite the weekend. Everyone, but me, is sick and there's snot everywhere! Well, not everywhere, but with three sick kids it can get yucky gooey. My biggest chore????? Me not getting sick. I've been popping vitamin C like candy for prevention...let's just hope it works.

So tomorrow's trick or treat night. Can't say I'm looking forward to it much. Can't afford anything and don't have time to make it either....which is okay. I'm sure we can wing it.

So anyways, I think Scott and the fam needs to travel the country for a year and visit all of the churches we are in somewhat contact with and write a book about our journey. Yeah.....that would be fun and mighty interesting.....but okay dreams over and reality says we're let's move on, shall we?

I'm thinking I'm getting close to the end of my wave of least I'm hoping. I guess we'll find out soon.

I've been officially blessed :)

So the Nygren's came up with a sneaky little plan to help me realize I can still be crafty and artsy even with my kids around. Unfortunately the boys of the house were all sick and couldn't go with us to Quiggly's Clayhouse. It was the perfect medicine for the waves that have been flooding through. It gave me a very nice break and was wonderful to see Kelly and Justin pre-baby arrival. I'm always in awe of first time parents pre-baby and once the baby arrives. I juggle three now and its definitely different. That first child you get the extra sweet one on one time. Its a very special time.

So anyways, Kiara just absolutely LOVED Christine at the clayhouse. I mean LOVED her. She same home that night all smiles. We haven't seen her that happy in a LONG time. Yeah, she's had fun, but this was definitely different. I can't wait to pick up my masterpiece. I'll put up a pic when it arrives. Thanks to the Nygren's for a wonderful time.

Now I need to load up on some serious vitamin C so these guys don't get me sick.....Here's to hoping!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Not sure where we are, but okay with moving forward

So Doxolgy was awesome, but I must admit, the camping part of it was the best. It was very freeing. I'm looking forward to actually owning our own tent and camping stuff to do this often with the kids. I got to meet some great people and hope to maintain some kinds of contact with them.

Our home time has been kind of rough with Mikah here lately. We aren't sure how to deal with certain behaviors and its been quite disturbing. Hopefully we can break these cycles soon or at least get a clue of what to do to maintain boundaries with a consistent method.

i found a part time seasonal job at a craft store. Its not what I expected it to be, but I am very grateful and thankful. The search for something else is still on though, sicne its not enough hours to cover what our needs are. Either way its a better situation than before.

I'm sewing once again. I have a couple of projects I'm getting ready for a craft fair that I'm hoping to sell there. That'll be very encouraging if I can actually sell some of them.

Asa's pushing through three molars at once and is being quite the tough guy about it. Every now and then he gets whiny and really fussy, but not much of a difference compared to pre-teething. He's becoming so aware of almost everything now.

Kiara's learning in a whole new way I never thought possible, but hey its the way she learns. She's learning how to write, spell, and read as she's learning how to recognize her ABC's . It's taking time and patience, but she's very willing to learn most of the time, so why not! I'm very curious as to how long it'll take her to learn how to read. She's already writing her name better and better each time and I can finally make out exactly what letters she's writing! Very neat stuff.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Yeah Baby

So here we come Houston...I hope your ready to meet Scotty, Asa and myself this weekend, because there's been just enough open doors for our journey! We're heading to check this out, join the party and see old and meet new friends. The older two are staying with friends and we will be camping out in our car.....yeah baby. Funds were actually extremely limited for this, but I found some Miller-unused ebayable items, and made just enough for the trip. Am I excited???? DARN RIGHT I AM! The last time it was just us three, we were apartment/vacationing down here in March-ish time. ROAD TRIP!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Silent Nodds have Begun

So I have one of these things that I enjoy with people....especially my children and family. You can imagine it at and everyone in the room are sitting close enough to read each other's faces. You are eith er enjoying a meal/snack, or just chilling out doing something you enjoy quietly. You glance at one another.....then here it comes... a smile and a nodd. No words needed to describe this kind of moment, its already understood. And the silence is okay, because you are comfortable and content enough with each other.

Well tonight I baked chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips.....and it happened for the first time with Asa, Kiara and myself. I have had these moments with Kiara before, but this the first with Asa. It was beautiful.