Tuesday, June 28, 2005

my sons and my daughter

OKay all you scholars out there, take a bite out of this! My son just turned six years old, and has already wrote 4 books, and is working on his fifth one AS I SPEAK! Yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about. And you thought you had competition before! Hah! Hee hee hee.

We had Judah over to play today. It's so fun having other kids over, the kids like it a lot too. We made a tent out of the futon and they all just had a hayday. It was their house, and the girls took over. They kept loving and hugging on each other. SO CUTE! When Judah left today Kiara just was kind of pouty.

Poor Asa fell asleep in the high chair, and woke with an indention in his forehead. The neighbor ladies thought it was a booboo. He by the way has been standing up without holding on to stuff a lot lately. He also just popped through 6 teeth in a lil over a week! Tough guy. Tougher than I have that's for sure. He didn't really fuss at all about it. Just acted like normal crazy and silly Asa.

Kiara was sitting down with Judah today, counting with her forewards and backwards. She was soooo happy when Judah started to repeat her! My lil teacher. Hopefully she'll let me start teaching her soon. She's kind of got me wondering about how we are going to homeschool. She learns so differently now than Mikah did at her age. That's okay though, we can work with it.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

pictures of my sewing creations

The shirt I just made a couple of days ago. Its off the should and has elastic to hold it up. Its actually very comfortable, but the front bows out a little more than I like, and to fix it would ruin it, so I can deal with it and learn from it at the same time as enjoying it! The skirt I'm wearing with it it the first skirt I ever made. I love the colors and they are snapped at the waist, but have tendencies to become undone a little too easily, so that will be fixed soon.

Example photo by mikah dante miller

Here's a different view of the shirt:


These two pieces were fun to make. The shirt I like but isn't my favorite. I don't think it fits me right. I might play around with it or just give it away...not sure yet. The skirt I love, it's very comfortable. All I have to do is secure the seams and make a slit at the bottom for easier walking. They both work on a draw string to adjust to size. I'm hoping that the majority of my clothes will be like this, so when I lose more weight, I can still wear them nicely....at least that's the plan.

photo by mikah dante miller

Here's my newest creation.....my wrap-ish hippie pants. I need to fix the back of them to fit best, but they rock! They are so very comfortable! And the earth toned color goes with almost everything. I want to add pockets or something to it...not sure.

photo by mikah dante miller

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

How God Rocks My World

You know, I still sit here, and say, "We're in freakin' Dallas!" Yes, it's really hot down here, and yes its far away from my family.......BUT God has been shining every chance He gets the assurance that this is where we need to be. Okay...let me step back for a second....my job for instance. He's blessed me with loads and loads of free bagels. In the beginning it was a main source of food for our family until jobs and money came through regularly. Now its still a source of food, but just a snack and/or breakfast food. Also I've been bringing bagels to my neighbors just to get to know them. For some odd reason me gifting to someone helps me feel more comfortable to just knock on some stranger's door...it helps break the ice a little bit too. So far I've met and had conversations with a little less than half of my neighbors this way. And the kids are now expecting that everytime we get bagels, we go out in the complex and share them!

Another thing is that I think through this whole duration, my worry crazy side only popped out a few times that I can remember....especially in the rougher areas like the initial move down here, and after we were already here, just waiting for money to come in. Granted I was freakin while looking for a job, but it was more about what I was going to find, more about my self esteem issues and I will be the first to admit...my sucky faith.

Also I'm getting to know the people at work more and more. Relationships are building there, and struggles may occur often, but God has definitely been a reminder that He is there too, in those relationships.

This is the kicker....we might even be able to fix our car soon! Wow, to have a car that doesn't die on me every morning....how sweet that would be! We're still in limbo about that, but it is definitely possible.

Scott and I had a real DATE! Huh???? What????? Huh???? Yeah, I know! We haven't been on a date since March when we came down to visit-slash-apartment hunt. A couple down here was willing to watch the rugrats for us to do this. It was a very good time.

I've been sewing my guts out.....I've got a couple of new shirts, and a bunch of new material to make more stuff out of. I've been forced to promise to actually spend my birthday cash on myself other than my family....this is a hard concept and task for me, but once I was in the fabric store....not so much of a task, but then self conrol had to kick into full gear! I'm finally getting my creativity out and its been very fulfuilling! I've also learned how to sesw around the kids...quite a task, but very nice!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Creative outlets delay

My mind sucks at retaining info, thoughts, and ideas. And I really never fretted about it before, but man.....will there ever be a time when my memory works for me as opposed to against me. I've been really craving to write poetry and songs, but by the time I get a chance (like now) to do it, it all disappears into an obliviated nothingness. (groan,kick,sigh) This year I've been really struggling with my creative side.....it needs to come out more, but I don't want to become selfish with my time either. I do know I need that time once in awhile to do my things in a closed room or with friends, and here lately I've gifted about an hour or two every week or two. And that within itself is a very big improvement. I need to be patient I guess. Dang it God! It always comes down to PATIENCE! ( this is where I'm laughing) Heh heh heh, I can deal with that.

One the same note I have been able to create a skirt and apron top. I like them a lot, and think I've broken ground by making them,(for those who don't know I'm on the path of learning how to sew) . I really hope to do some dyeing (sp?) and batiking next...or at least some dyeing. We'll see, this is a project I want to share with others....it can be messy, it will be fun and a way for us all to share our creative sides together. Maybe next month would be the best bet for something like that. Any takers?

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Mikah D!


Six years ago, in a land far away, a son was born to us. We granted the name Mikah to him. To learn to know him, and to enjoy every second of being his parents, we welcomed sobriety. Us the parents knew we needed to become friends so we could raise this beautiful baby boy together. From that friendship grew an everlasting love, and a couple years later we were married. How the world stopped when he was born! It was flipped every which way because of this one birth. The phenominal changes that were brought upon us, and would guide me to God, just because of him.

Happy Birthday Mikah. Your mommy and daddy love you so much, and we are so thrilled to have you in our lives! We are honored to be your parents. You helped us become better us as a gift from God.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Its Finally Quiet.......RENEWED

So this is what I was very close to posting last night:

"Not sure how long the silence will last, so I better throw some thoughts out there while I can. Here lately I've been feeling really pushed by God to find a place that'll suit a group of us....exactly who and why and especially where and when are still unknown, but it 'feels' like soon to me. Now? Probably not a smart time for us financially, but the willingness is there. I'm mad at myself for letting my emotions get carried off about certain places we've found, because the timing just isn't right. Or is it??? That's the main ass kicker right there for me.... whose timing is this decided on? Also how can that be decided???"

I believe my questions have been answered. Its not the time right now, and I've come to a good peace about it. I also have decided not to look for any places at the moment either, because of the fear of finding a better place than last time....and then getting smacked down with the time and financial struggle. And truelly that is okay. We need time to our own place for a little bit as well as this time to save our change.

On another note, I'm in a really good friggin mood. We had a group of people in our house yesterday and today, and it has been wonderful! Granted the dishes need some tending but it was really good to have everyone in my space. We had all together 7 kids and depending on time, 4-5 adults. It was fun. We even were blessed with a sleep over with one of the kids, which happens to be Mikah's really good friend.