Monday, February 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Scotty!

Wow this dude is getting OLD!!!!!!!!! Hee hee hee! Happy Birthday baby!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's day!

Yes, indeed.....I would like to rename this day...."do what Jesus told you to do day" . But then the stores all around would crash and profits will plummit, and the greediness everyday of the consumer driven lives out there would get confused and ralley against just felt good to get it out and joke about it. (picture me laughing...thanks)

No, let's turn it around. I want to teach Mikah that today is the day when we are especially reminded that family & friends are easier to love than your enemies (unless of coarse you have enemies within your family...then it can get complicated). And this is a day where we can be reminded to try and reach out with compassion...even just in prayer if that's all you can swallow with your enemy.

Here's the passage for him today. It can be for you too.

If I were to make a request right now, I would say today, be thankful for your loved ones and let them know how you feel. Also I would say to try to name who has wronged you that you can't seem to forgive...that you can't let that grudge go for.... and pray your guts out until God has softened your heart enough to forgive that person, then try next to love that person. That's one tough nugget, huh? I know...I've been there.....and this enemy WAS family, but God doesn't want our hearts spoiled by all of this hate that the "Below The Pooh" satan throroughly enjoys for us to grip. He wants us to just jump backwards with closed eyes and open hearts into His love...where then we can truely learn to live. And THAT my friends just simply rocks!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

A butt load of patience required!

And if you don't have it, just ask! Yeah, I haven't been very patient lately. My moods have been swinging the bat at at everyone in this house unfortunately. See, I'm the type of person that when I get in a cruddy mood, the very best thing is to just let me be and steer clear. I hate being this way, but if you approach me during this cruddy mood, I'll snap at you like a rabid beast. But when I'm left alone, this gives me time to see myself truely, and then ask God for the patience and the automatic mood stomper, and I will be better. But I can't unfortunately do this properly all of the time when I have three kids and a husband who loves me. I wish I was programmed with a ton of patience, so my moods won't shift as crazily as they do.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

What is Successful to you?

One of the things Scott and I struggle with is the term "successful" . We are often confronted with the idea if we made more money or had a degree in something or owned a home, then we would be considered successful. Of course there are many other distractions that come into play, but I chose to name the biggens.

One of the things Scott and I are needing to remind ourselves is that we choose NOT to be successful in those terms right now. At this season of our lives we Choose not to go to school, or take up management jobs....and that's okay to us. I'm not saying it doesn't get hard every now and then, but we are always making it.

Now one thing I didn't mention back there and I should have....what makes you successful in the Kingdom? Now a lot of people may argue this, but this isn't a measurement to be seen by anyone but God above. This is all in the heart...your intentions, if you will. Yeah you may have led a million people to salvation and discipleship.....but it only matters of who you are doing it for. Are your good intentions to serve God, or to help you feel better about helping someone? Wow, did I really just say that??? Yes, I did. One awesome thing about serving God, is that feeling good about yourself does tend to follow. Unfortunately I have been caught in this turbelance/crash mode where my deeds were good, but my heart wasn't. Its not like we're trying to earn brownie points. What we say we wish to do is to serve God fully, but of course we are human and our mind tends to get in the way.

I'm not sure if this is a vent, rant, or getting on my soap box, but it needed to be said. I'm getting bored with the idea of success, and honestly I hope I am not alone.

Why not a management job?????? Because being a manager means you are living your life for work..been there done that.

Why no college now??? Because our kids came first and we don't feel the need to take our time away from them for a piece of paper, or more paper if you will (money) . This is our choice for this season for our family. Every family is different in their ways, and that's okay.

Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yeah, most of its gone

I cut my hair off....not my dreads out though. I decided a while ago that it was messing them up bad not being able to work with them, they were split in different directions and lose hairs were combining into others....anyways it was and still is a mess. I'm hoping to be able to maintain this mess, and turn it into something nice and tight.

Some people don't understand why I do this kind of thing..."just chop it all off, it'll grow back better" , moods. It sounds ridiculous, but its very sound to my mind. Its a big change, one that I can handle. I get sucked into little depressions, and stuff like this just helps. Can't explain it more than that. I will put up pictures soon.


yeah, i think i know a couple of people who would LOVE this.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

What's up God?

It's days like these when I find myself excited about not totally knowing what's going to's very rare too. I've been in some really great and fast building relationships with some ladies at work. It happened very sudden and very naturally which is awesome. They come to me in conversation and express their needs and talk out their troubles. We hang out when we can and just enjoy each other while at work and sometimes out of work.

Well, a couple of them have come to me about doing some kind of Bible study/reading/prayer time with them, and its about to start very soon. Some are believers, some are just curious. I have no idea what God has in store, but its going to be awesome and big. These girl come from very rough and unreal backgrounds, and it amazes me how well they function today with all they have been through and are going through.

What gets me is that I don't look at myself as a leader...not at all, but right now I'm put in this position, and it feels different. I feel totally unworthy to serve God, but I plan to give all I have. I just pray I can get my whole family involved in where ever He needs me. I'm really excited about this, but scared I'll screw it up. Your prayers are appreciated.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A New Day Hearing God's whisper over my loud mouth

So here lately I've been witholding a lot of anger and aggravation. In turn I've felt confused as to how to be a parent to Mikah, as well as a number of other things. So today, in the bath, soaking away the frustration of not being able to hear....I finally felt the need to just stop and breath....calm down and search, trust that God is there, holding me...even if I don't feel His presence...KNOW He's there. So I did. And I'm very glad I did. I let go of the anger and gave my confusion to God to handle. He gave me some clarity, and slowed my thinking. I'm glad too, because I almost made some hectic decisions that wouldn't have went the way I'd hope for them to.

So today is a new day and tomorrow will start afresh as well. For this I am thankful.