Saturday, October 30, 2004

Sick Lil Angel

My little girl, Kiara, is really sick. Yesterday she threw up a couple of times, and just feels awful. Poor girl has it coming out of both ends. At about 1am this morning, she threw up again, but she seemed really pale and was starting to get dark circles under her eyes. I took her into the ER and they ended up giving her an I.V. on top of pedialyte to help boost her fluids up. We finally got out of there at 7:30 am this morning. SHe's really tired, and frankly so am I, so we are going to take today to rest really well. Please pray for her and our fam. I hope it doesn't spread. I've been washing my hands like crazy, my hands are crispy even. I hope its doing the job. thanks.
Wow, what a night for poor lil Kiara. She threw up earlier this afternoon and later this evening she had a temperature. I put her in a cool bath to help bring the temp down. I don't like it when my babies are sick, it sucks. She slept on the couch for awhile, and didn't fight me to go to bed tonite, which is highly unusual...SHE MUST BE SICK! Asa has been a lil cranky too, but his is due to the fact he's too stubborn to stay asleep long enough during the day to where at night he's fighting so hard cause he's so tired.

On top of that I've had a gazillion things on my mind. A big concern of mine is what we are going to do this next year or so. It is so curious.....time will tell, but in the next 2 months we need to decide. This at least gives us time to figure it all out.

Heavenly Father, grant me the patience and the wisdom to see...........amen.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

At Home Just Chilling

Well things have been going alot smoother at home with the kids. I give Asa one bottle of formula a day now, so that when ever I do need to get out, I have the choice of leaving him with Scott. He's slowly getting used to it. At least its only once a day.

Mikah is at his cousin's house, being a wonderful little boy, as well as having lots of fun. He helps without knowing, he keeps Gavin occupied while Delana gets stuff done around the house. Also gives her a big break. He gets to go trick or treating with him this up coming weekend, and he's just thrilled about it.

When he was here at home we started having a bunch of problems with him continuously hurting his sister and not listening to us at all. Diciplining him has been a struggle on what to do and how to do it. It seems like everything we try doesn't get it done, leaving Scott and I terribly frustrated at the situation and each other. I awaiting a book called Boundaries for kids that Bea referred to me. Ihope I can get some better ideas soon. I don't believe spanking is an answer at all for us as individuals.

Kiara has been up and down a lot lately. Although I can tell she's tremendously enjoying her break from Mikah, she misses playing, and even arguing with someone! She has her play animals bicker at each other then kiss and make up sometimes. She was doing excellent on the potty a week or so ago when I was at Scott's mom's house, but we came home and it all went down hill again. We'll keep trying. She's going to be 3 November 19......where in the world does the time go??? While going through her pregnancy, I felt like a wimp, but after and while I was in labor, I felt like superwoman! Crazy, I know, but I never knew I was going through that much pain throughout the pregnancy. She's so gorgeous....we're gonna have a big problem when she grows up......won't be able to let her out of the house! Scott will probably tie her up !

Asa's doing grandiose. He's still growing and probably over 13 pounds now. He's talking at me more, especially when I let it all loose and sing like crazy in front of him...HE LOVES IT! Luckily for Scott, he's at work during. He's busting out of his onsies already, so I'm going to make extensions for them with a piece of cloth and those buttons that go on onsies, that way he can wear them longer.....I just have to figure out that silly sewing machine! We'll see what kind of craziness happens with that!

As for me personally, I'm doing good. I'm trying to figure out what is going to be best for our lil fam this next year. Trying to figure in everything and talk with Scott, and hopefully within the next month or two we will know....that part is a lil stressful only because its so unknown and is a big deal. I think I am handling it all okay though. God has definitely granted me patience at the most needed times, and for that I am most grateful.

I work with Mikah verbally with spelling and small addition, and he's doing awesome with it. Now I just need to have him sit down and write it all out.

I'm thinking about making my own clothes soon. There is way too much crud out there where you would be pimping off some company that doesn't know that quality of a human being's life/lives. This way I can avoid that as well as get exactly the kind of cloths I want. If I get good then maybe I'll make the kids some cloths too! That really depends on how much the sewing machine likes me! Well, I best be off cleaning...doing mommy stuff :) bye!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Long Over Due

It's been a little over two weeks since my last post......but oh well. I have wanted to post so many times, but rarely find the time. And the rare chances whe I do have my hands free, and a moment to sit down and do it, I just want to take a breath and relax.

Its been quite interesting around this house lately. A lot of stress build up, and big questions of the future coming months, as well as the present days. Mikah has us up in a twist, and I'm trying to reverse it. Kiara has been starting to cause some problems as well. And between the both of them screaming at each other and me, its hard to keep Asa asleep, so in mid-day he's nonstop crying and cranky as ever. I just want some peace in the house again.....I find myself exceptionally emotional at the oddest times, and just bawl my eyes out. Unfortunately that never helps.

I'm thinking about switching Asa to formula. It seems as though he eats constantly and formula tends to fill the babies up more than breast milk. I feel like a failure just saying that. I might just supplement formula here and there...not sure yet. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get Asa to eat less frequently I'm all ears. All I know is if I don't have to be feeding as many times as I am, then I would have more time to work with the other two kids. We'll see. I want to talk with my lactation consultant first and see what she has to say.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

New Blog Home

This will be my new blogging home from now on. Thanks for listening.

A Breath Of Thoughts

Here lately I've found myself stressed and a little worn by the kids. Watching myself be the person I try not to be has really brought down my confidence in being at home with them. I get so overwhelmed at times, I never know what to do. All I know is that something needs to change. I'm not sure how yet, but I know prayer will be involved with trying to figure that one out, as well as trial and error. I just want to be a warm loving mom that my children also respect. I can't say I'm that mom right now, or even have been in the past.......but that's what I'm going to start working towards.

I worry how it'll be when school starts. My time feels so scrunched now. I know it'll all get figured out, its just I don't see that part yet...