Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas is Texas

Wow pretty much is all I could say about the blessings that have been thrown at us in this holiday season. On top of that we just really had a great day with wonderful company, and I drank in my pajamas......yeah that was randomly put out there on purpose.I had refused to get out pf my pajama pants, just because they were SOOOOOOO comfortable. Also we were gifted a bottle of wine, and had one ourselves. I haven't drank that much in quite awhile, but that day one of those bottles I claimed and thoroughly enjoyed throughout the day. Hee hee. Drunk.....far from, but feeling good.

Also can I mention we were able to play outside with the kids WITHOUT our coats! Yeah baby! Granted the summers are hot and intense, but I can handle this winter stuff without 20 gazillion feet of snow.

Also I need to throw out there our wonderfully awesome and dreadful visit with the Nygren's.......check this out! Yeah...I did that.

Friday, December 23, 2005

My Little God Man Is Growing

Our Mikah has been growing spiritually very fast the recent months. He's addicted to the Bible, always asking questions about God, and craves church on a daily basis. Well, about a week or so ago, he told his daddy and I that he finally figured out what the best gifts to give Jesus: his whole love or his whole life. Wow.....He's understanding what Christ wants. So with that being said, the next story won't be just all of a sudden. This little man asked me how he could become a christian.....a TRUE Christian. Honestly, he got the term christian from someone else, we normally don't throw that around here. Either way he was ready to give his life to Christ, and understood what that meant for himself and Jesus. He's been so excited ever since and is more concerned on how he acts when we talk him through behavior issues. Yes, and I cried.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

wow its quiet in here

Scott and Mikah went out and about, and Asa and Kiara are here at home with me. Asa, I guess needed a nap because he's now passed out on the floor. Kiara is in the hallway playing pretend like Kiara always does. I have almost all of the dishes done, worked 5 hours, and made myself a huge amount of food for lunch as I started getting extremely loopy and desperate for nourishment. On top of that read the post below. I feel as thoug I've had a full day already, and I still have got to go to church tonight. My baby Asa is sick with the tummy flu and it seems as though he got it from his big sis Kiara, who both shared with Daddy. So Mikah and I are gonna have to build ourselves a higly guarded quarentine tent to put the sicko's in ;) that way we don't get sick. Crossing my fingers cause I need to have some lovely dreaded fellowship with my girl this week and it doesn't go with my plans anyways.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

God Hungry But Not Starved

My Mikah is amazing. Yeah, of coursse I think this because he is my child, and I think all of my children are amazing. No I say this now because of how much love this guy has for God and how hungry he is for Him. He falls asleep with his bible story book in his face, he interrupts arguments between Kiara and I so he can bless us with individual prayer. He makes sure we pray EVERY night before we go to bed, because he trusts God to keep the bad dreams away. He watches a song cartoon about Jesus dying and being raised up again and gets choked up about then and even later describing it to his daddy. He reads his bible like its more important that air. I'm getting teary eyes just talking about it.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Girlness Drama

So we are pretty much past the tramatic threes in Kiara, but we're finding that this girl thrives on drama. She's a very sensitive individual and almost anything can set her off. She's also a very kind loving warm hearted person that loves to reach out to people. Kiara thrives to do everything Mikah can do, which we try to encourage with some exceptions, but she tends to freak out when she is unable to do the task.

I am absolutely amazed at how different our kids are from one another. Kiara definitely is unique in her own perfect way.

What kind of tree would you be?

So earlier today I just picked up my sketch pad and started drawing. Wasn't sure what yet, but knew I wanted to draw. I ended up starting to draw the kind of tree that would describe me through my eyes. As I started drawing the kids gathered around me and were amazed at all of the branches and the twirls they did. They pointed out how the branches were all different, and thought how cool it was that it had a hole where animals could live. I told them about my tree and how I thought it described me, and then I asked them what kind of tree would they be. This is's art, self imaging and imagining, and its also a great way for them to get used to their hands and how they work, as well as with their brains.

So......what kind of tree would yours look like? Would it be dry, fruitful, branchless or branchful? Would it all be one color or many colors?

Nice Funky Weather

It got down right cold and icy yesterday, but come Monday it'll be back up tp 60 degrees! Yeah, that just rocks! I'm not a fan of eskimo weather, so this is a really nice treat for me. Yeah the summers here are horrid, but I can handle this. Unfortunately this is considered odd for Dallas, but that is okay by me.

Friday, December 02, 2005

My baby dreads

Example my asa babe

Example photo by mikah dante miller

Example photo by mikah dante miller

Example photo by kiara jasmyn miller

Example photo by mikah dante miller

Example photo by mikah dante miller

Example photo by mikah dante miller

Example photo by mikah dante miller

Example photo by mikah dante miller

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Miller Hippie Momma

I'm home and dreaded.....fully dreaded! Pictures coming soon.