Thursday, August 18, 2005

To boob or not to boob.....

This is my boy just a couple of months ago:


This is him very recently:


Right this very a highchair not far away......the young Asa Miller is eating a quesadilla. He's getting so big, its hard to believe. He's actually been biting me during feedings, which sucks big time, but he realizes that he should stop once I pull away and put him on the floor. Its very confusing as to how I should handle the biting though. I've actually comtemplated totally giving breastfeeding up for this reason alone, but if that's my only reason, then that's just stupid. Luckily enough my body is still in one piece and nothing has fallen off.....yes I know...this is very good. But hopefully he will stop biting soon, so I won't be encouraged to stop nursing.

I watch him eat big kid food, and remember when the other two were at this age. They seemed so much messier, for some odd reason. I'm really digging into Super Baby Food, to get some ideas. He doesn't eat much solid food, but I want to start giving him more because he likes it so much.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

a good evening

i got some errands ran today and made a ton of calls. i even took all the kids grocery shopping....not that i had much a choice, but it went great! the kids were so well behaved today, it was amazing. this hasn't been happening often, unfortunately, but we have been seeing little tidbits of progress, and i can settle for baby steps. tonight h
as really made me miss being a housewife/fulltime mommy. (sigh) but its also good for me to work also. my job has been yucky lately but hopefully i can remedy that soon. i got to talk with my neighbor for quite the while and had a comforting conversation. i really enjoy talking with her and hope that the next gap isn't near as long as this one was. kids helped me put away the ton of groceries so they could play outside. that was cool o them.well best go, typing one handed and asa's getting sleepy. for birthday pictures go to scotty's blog.

Monday, August 08, 2005

You mean I Still Have a BLOG????

Ha haha, just kidding. I've actually had almost whole posts typed up and then life happens to where I have to abandon it on a moments notice to settle some childhood drama.

So the family of mine is gone, I'm sad to say. I will and am already missing them. It may be another year or so before the four of us can get together like that again. People are moving around far away from each other and it makes these gatherings much harder than before. I got to see my cousin and met her wonderful children. I haven't seen her in ten years. I just pray that is less than a decade before our next encounter.

I'm sure my other cousin's wedding was beautiful, despite the raging hot and sweaty weather, (outside wedding). We had attempted everything in our best efforts to attend this event, though it helps when you have proper directions. Lessons learned, shall we move on?

We had a constant of 9 people sleeping in our tiny apartment all together, and at most 13 were in here. Cozy, yes, and manageable. Stressful and crazy to Scott? You better believe it! But he survived, and also two hours after my family left, we had a wonderful visit from his friend from Indianapolis. He left Sunday. It was sad to see him go as well. So now we have an empty house once again, but only for a short matter of time, then we have a visit from Scott's parents.

As for right now, I'm tired. And it has nothing to do with the recent visits. The kids have been at their worst and it sprung on us out of no where, and its very frustrating. On top of that there are issues at my job that are getting terribly aggravating, and I'm not sure how to handle everything in the best way. So what did I do today on my one day off? I slept, slept, and slept. I attempted to clean, and then slept some more. How to better our situation? How to learn to become more patient parents. How to either enjoy as much as I can out of my job, even at its worst. Well, here goes so more drama.....see ya.