Thursday, August 31, 2006

You want the list??

Wow, today was filled with much of letting family outside of the state know what's going on....then I realized I need to let my blog family know too. So much stuff I can ramble on, but time is crunching, so here's the list for those who haven't read my blog in awhile:

1. Started a new job and am coming up on my 2 month anniversary....and I must say this is the best job I have ever had!

2. Mikah is in 2nd grade at a local public elementary school and is loving it. His teacher always boasts about him and his reading skills. Mikah will be taking a test soon for a TAG (talented and gifted) program to see if he can get in, where he would be pulled out of class every now and then and do very imaginative things. He's also making a bunch of new friends, one I met today and he even wrote a story about Mikah for homework, how cute!

3. Kiara is in Pre-K. She lves it very much, and also is making new friends. She has a bunch of things in her class that she can play very imaginatively with. Also she is learning how to write and recognize letter sounds, shapes, and colors. She goes all day like Mikah. Her allergies have been getting bad these past couple of weeks, and when they are very bad, she gets a verey high poor baby.

4. Asa is home with daddy.....these two boys are really enjoying each other, and getting to know each other in a whole new world. Very new and cool.

5. We are taking the steps of moving. Putting our trust in God to help us get out of this home. We have been battling with fleas and roaches for quite the while, they won't DIE and stay dead. Also there is some water damage I'm concerned about mildew or something from a flooding in the apartment next to us. It is very visible on our wall. I have noticed that about an hour after Kiara returns from school to home, her allergies seem to be worse than when she arrived. Maybe just my imagination, but that's how it appears, I'll be keeping an eye out for her.

Moving....hmmm.... We have no money and the area we want to be in is ridiculously priced, other than the place we are trying to leave. Also moving is stressful and mind crunching. But I really feel God is nudging us out, so we put in our 60 day notice to vacate and if we can't find something by september, then we'll retract the notice and hang here until tax time....we'll see what God has in store soon enough.

6. Mikah is now officially signed up for cub scouts. This is very fun and exciting stuff. I can't wait to see what this year has in store for him. Busy busy busy.

7. I signed up for a class at El Centro College today for Beginners Spanish class on Saturday mornings. This is a very wise thing for work, and I'm hoping it'll help out a lot in communicating to the ladies at work. Oy, I'm going back to school. Good thing its only one class, I think I would be ripping my hair out otherwise.

8. My wonderful father-in-law adjusted the throttle on my car or something and it has become soooo much easier to drive. I still need to practice, but it'll come to me soon enough. Please pray my body will stay cool enough with out getting heat sick. It doesn't have A/C and it gets to be 106 degrees down here.

9. Karaoke night, Monday nights at the Tippery Inn just down the road from us. So many God opportunities there.... a community is already there and I feel led to become a part of it. I see henna, karaoke, and Christ in a bar. Awesome.

10. I will be having wisdom teeth surgury as soon as I get my other teeth taken care of. This is a heavy thing because of our finances, but I believe we can hack it for awhile.

I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting, but oh well, that is all for now. Much love to you all.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Wow, not in the blogging season I suppose. Oh well, let me allow you to hear the majority of my excuses:

1. I have been entertaining In-Laws, which has been fun!
2. I have been trying to adapt to our new go-go-go routine with the children in school
Yeah this may take awhile.
3. I forgot
4. I have three kids, well four if you are like me and count your hubby ;)
5. EXHAUSTED in my mind
6. Depression is kicking my butt
7. oh yeah did I mention my three kids??

Much more to come...not enough time now.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ummmmmm, yeahhhhh

I'm getting the three Miller-teers ready for bed and making sure all of the school stuff is ready for tomorrow and yada yada yada. Wow, I have school kids. Or at least kid until we find out tomorrow about Kiwi. She has these little skorts that are just sooooo adorable! Mikah looks so handsome. They have to wear uniforms, if you didn't know, and man oh man, who thought that a white shirt was a good idea for part of the uniform??? I want to know. Obvious it wasn't a parent, that's for sure. Hello! Kids! Stains! Hee hee, okay, that's my venting moment about that. Other than that they look soooo cute and it's so easy finding their outfits...yay!

Game night/day was today/night. It was fun. We played Crazy 8's and Life. We have to do this regularly and get some more games too. I love playing games, so do the kids. Any ideas out there for family nights? I'm searching for something that we all can do together that would be fun and cheap. Ooooh, pictionary for kids.....Uno, dice....I think Mikah knows how to play poker, go fish, and maybe rummy. Okay enough rambling.

So to the important grown-up talk....Asa just farted, and he giggles and says, "I far-weed!" Too cool little man, too cool.

I watched V is for Vendetta last night and it was pretty good. Makes you think of what the future holds, and how it will compare.
I see it very likely, unfortunately, just because of how much media can fog reality, yet so many people take the media's word for truth.....hmmm. Just watch's good for the thinking.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Update---I really am alive

Wow, so much has happened, yet I have so little time to blog. Tick tock tick tock. My family came in for a week , had a blast at the waterpark and kareoke bar, as well as some fun at home with games. I miss them so much already. Asa turned 2 August 13th, YAY!! Mikah started public school this week and is LOVING IT! He's making friends and his teacher is very very nice. God definitely matched him with a good one, for sure! He's excited about doing homework and is doing very well. They are now in a review time to see how much each kid knows. Kiara possible starts Pre-K next Monday. We should find out Friday. She takes a test tomorrow to see how much she knows or something. Work is going very well, I'm happy to see Friday, but also happy to see Monday. Those days to sleep in are nice, but its also a good feeling when you have a day full of things accomplished. Let's see what else....OH YEAH! LGBC got a drum and I'm learning how to play it! Yay. I won't be as good as Joshua and Kristen, but hey, it'll bring that good feeling of their presence. Scott's parents arrive next week also, and will be here for 7 days! I'm excited about that. I truelly have been blessed with in-laws....(especially my father-in-law who can be as ornery as myself ;) I have a feeling something truelly edifying will happen while they are here. Not sure quite what that is yet...we'll soon find out. Oh yeah, I'm learning how to drive a stick that looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier than it is. At least that first gear, man it hates me! Reverse too. I found myself praying today not to allow me to stop fully, so I can keep the car going and if I do stop let me go without killing it or screeching the tires like a nut. Yeah still working on that. Grrr. Well, that's about it for now. Just wanted to give an update. It may be a little while until I can blog again. Oh yeah....looking for a new place in the area. God has one picked out, we just got wait for Him to reveal it. Hee hee.