Monday, July 18, 2016

It's only 9:28am, but okay....

Good morning, loves! So far this morning I have lost my purse, my cup of coffee three times, and have pulled a sliver of glass out of my husband's foot before taking him to work. Busy morning already haha! So....let me just ask one question to the universe....with how much my coffee means to me, how does one lose it, not once, but THREE TIMES! Ha! ***THIS IS WHERE WHILE TYPING, I TOOK A DRINK OF SAID COFFEE, WENT DOWN THE WRONG PIPE AND I COUGHED COFFEE ON THE FAMILY LAPTOP*** Okay, okay,I'll calm down....though I'm not really upset. Waking up can be rough to say the least. I woke up in the middle of the night to give Asa his medicine, it was storming really good. The lightening was a consistent strobe light and the thunder was the bass of a bad stereo. All the while, I'm going in circles, worrying about the cats (which I have confirm the wellness of), but mostly of what has been happening around our world. So much pain, so many deaths, so much sickness, so many addictions, afflictions, and misunderstandings. Be still my heart, for it feels too much. I've been consistently reminded of 24/7 prayer, and will reread Red Moon Rising, but I'm wanting to do something different in the space and place we are......just not sure exactly how it will look. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- So this weekend we got a lot of things done. Tables have been switched out....trash has been eliminated...mostly old bills/random papers, and the closet swept out and a massive side table cleared. I should have taken a before and after picture! Cause our home is losing the weight of materials. And IT IS GOOD. I, however, overdid it. A year and a half ago I had a hysterectomy and partial oopherectomy (Dear spell check, learn medical words, I spelled it right! lol.) and have had my gallbladder(2009?) removed, as well as my tubes tied in 2004. Well, I need to listen to my body more, because even though all of those were laproscopic, minimally invasive, it can have risks. I'm fine now, but doing a lot of NOT bending over and NOT lifting anything. I see my female doctor today and my primary care doctor tomorrow....luckily these were already set up.....kind of for the same reason. I set up the female appointment to see if it is safe for me to start weight training and if so how to appropriately do it without hurting myself. Well there are at least 3 areas that hurt pretty good yesterday, so I tapped out, and called it a day. Prayers would be wonderful. The weight training isn't so I'll be buff, but it is to raise my endurance of every day life. I have pain that flares through my body (legs, hips, whole back and neck, elbows, wrist/hands, yes I know I'm a mess lol)and I'm hoping exercise and toning my muscles will alleviate some of it. It may not be as bad as it sounds, but its not usually all at once. And I'm not just sitting down all day, actually its quite the opposite. I'm in my garden, being taxi mom, cleaning, sewing, painting, dancing, singing, laughing. So, now for a physician's (or two) advice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also, today.................I'm bringing home our new (to us) minivan. This is HUGE! I've been patient for a second vehicle, which will make life easier, especially when I start working, but mostly this will help the kids be eager to travel more. Even just driving to Lafayette, is brutal on my tall, leggy kids. And Asa has a very hard time with small spaces.....THIS IS GOOD FOR US. Plus it is set up to store the seats in the floor, or use that space as storage while the seats are up.........This is the beginning.......of something great. Our carriage awaits us, I'm just waiting on the call :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Simplifying life isn't easy. For me, it is taking sweat, blood, and tears , though not much of the latter two. Just by getting rid of things, it is already easier to breathe. And the lesson of patience is strong, but I'm listening. My lovely daughter has pointed out to me that a lot of things I have been patiently waiting for is finally happening...sometimes when you are in the middle of it, you can't quite see it, like being a drop of paint in a mural. Simplifying life isn't easy.....but breathing is crucial to my tribe, and we want to breathe free. The time is now....and later. Blessings. Flowers and Peace to you all!

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