Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Raw and Broken in the ChAoS

Life goes on....even after a tragedy. People still go to the store....even after a tragedy.....People still fill up their car with gasoline...even after a tragedy. Strangers are still rude to you.....even after a tragedy. And by the time you can finally get a glimpse of breathing normal again, another strikes. Then rinse and repeat. Next thing you know, it has been more than 12 years.... Today is a day of remembrance. Today, we remember the lovely Debbie Jones... Yes, well, I started to write the above on Sunday......I couldn't write anymore. Not only was I mourning Debbie, but everyone we have lost. Some losses are excruciating....some are debilitating. And then there are those that rip the very essence of your blanketed soul. You will never be the same. What is so beautiful are the memories...and how God uses the loss for something truly spectacular. I can't go further into this today...maybe another day I will. But for now, even though I am raw and broken in the chaos, I am seeing the beauty of it everywhere.

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